Divorce Services for Individuals & Couples

Better, faster, less expensive divorce solutions

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Divorce Services for Individuals & Couples

A better, faster, less expensive divorce solution

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Expert Divorce Financial Planning Services

Cash Flow

Accurate evaluation to insure a secure financial future after divorce.

The Marital Home

Dividing one of the biggest assets of the marital estate.

Retirement Accounts and Pensions

Expert mediation and financial analysis to deliver a fair and reasonable settlement for couples.


We examine how to handle tax issues now that you are divorced.

Alimony and Child Support

Ensure that your children’s standard of living is preserved, or as much as possible prior to divorce.

Risk Assessment

Let us assess the risk of your individual situation so you can be well informed to make the right decisions for yourself.

Rental Properties

Division of assets includes fairly assessing and splitting rental properties in your settlement.

And More!

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Settle Your Divorce with a Compassionate and Experienced Expert

Berni Stevens PhD, CDC®, CDFA®

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) I am uniquely qualified to do the evaluation and synthesis that will generate your best financial outcome. I will guide you in gathering needed information, conduct the analyses, develop settlement scenarios, generate reports, and work with you and/or your attorney to produce an optimal settlement, avoiding costly mistakes and preserving more of what you own.

Divorce Coach
As Certified Divorce Coach® I’ll be your ally and champion before, during, and after your divorce. I will guide you through the difficult times and the many tasks and decisions of divorce, bringing invaluable knowledge and experience to facilitate the co-creation of  successful strategies and solutions that honor who you are and your unique situation. You will feel good about your choices as you make them and for years to come.
Assisting You With Your Family Law Attorney
If you and your spouse don’t think mediation is right for you, you’ll each need an attorney to represent your legal interests and represent you in court. I can assist you in identifying a pool of qualified attorneys that fit your objectives and circumstances and give you tips on how to interview them. Ongoing, I’ll guide you in how best to work with your lawyer, which will save you significant time and money.

Why a CDFA® the Best Choice for Your Divorce



You both agree to end your marriage and move on

You’re reasonable and can sit at a table together and discuss the situation. You want to avoid a costly court battle. Perhaps you’re thinking you don’t even need a mediator, per se. Regardless, you just don’t know where to start or how to deal with some of the details. Your children are grown or you are in agreement on how to handle custody. You and your partner need financial guidance and maybe some help in negotiating the details of a settlement.



You want an amicable asset division

You might have investments, retirement accounts, executive compensation, businesses, pensions, rental properties, etc. How do you divide these in a way that’s fair and equitable and won’t get you into tax trouble?
It’s possible that some creativity could save both of you taxes and you both get to keep more of your own money. Would you like to be able to see in black and white how a settlement could impact your future? Perhaps one of you hasn’t worked to full capacity in the past and will need financial help getting back into your career. What’s the right amount?



You need a financial expert who will secure your future

You have come to the right place for the answers. We will work with you as a financial mediator, or as support to your attorneys as a financial neutral, to help you come up with that win-win settlement. Let us provide you with a kinder, gentler, more affordable divorce solution.

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Our divorce coaching and divorce financial planning services help you take control of your divorce, save you money and assist in a seamless transition beyond your divorce and into your new future!

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